Böhler M390 microclean 3.5x40x500mm

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  • Böhler M390 microclean 3.5x40x500mm


Böhler M390 microclean 3.5x40x500mm

M390 Microclean by Böhler is a stainless powder steel. M390 is know for its cutting edge performance, high corrosion resistance and moderate toughness. Can easily be polished to a mirror finish.

A very high 1.90% of carbon and advanced alloying elements make this a more complicated steel to heat treat. The payoff is the edge performance is the completed blade.

Heat treatment:

  • due to long soak times, wrap blade securely in stainless steel foil to reduce carbon loss
  • Preheat to 760-770 C and hold until certain entire blade is at temperature
  • Rapidly increase temperature to 1170 C and hold for 30 minutes at temp
  • Quench in oil or plates
  • Cryo treatment before tempering increases hardness*
  • Temper as soon as possible at 200 C for 2 hours, cool and temper for another 2 hours 

This will without cryo give a hardness of about HRC 59 and with deep cryo about 61 HRC


Chemical composition
1.90 0.70 0.30 20.00 1.00 4.00 0.60


This is the heat treatment recipe provided by Topham

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