Heat Treatment Foil 1200C, 1 m

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  • Heat Treatment Foil 1200C, 1 m


Heat Treatment Foil , 1200 C (100 x 30 cm)

Heat treating foil is designed to leave a blade nearly scale free when used in the heat treating furnace process. Excellent for use with any of the air-hardening tool steels and damascus. It is 0,05mm thick and rated at 1200° C (2200° F) 

This is a higher rated foil than the Ticronic foil.

  • Clean blade
  • Cut foil leaving 5+ cm around the blade on all sides
  • To reduce chance of foil sticking to the blade, add a piece of paper or sprinkle some baby powder on the blade
  • This burns out the oxygen trapped in the envelope to help reduce scaling and sticking
  • Fold edges over twice, a hammer or mallet is helpful to get a good closing envelope
  • Be careful with the corners and edges, these can be sharp
  • Leave blade in envelope during quench
  • If having issues with big blades sticking through the foil when handling the envelope, add a second layer next time.
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