Induction Forge 15kW

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  • Induction Forge 15kW
  • Induction Forge 15kW
  • Induction Forge 15kW
  • Induction Forge 15kW


High Frequency Induction Heater Furnace 15KW 

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 Water-cooled induction forge that runs on a 15A 240 V circuit and heats up steel in seconds to a max of 2200 C.

Small unit for single blades and bars of steel when forging.

  • Easy to use induction forge with coil about 45 x 60 mm
  • Runs on normal 15A power plug, 240V
  • Two heating coils included
  • One foot pedal included for ease of operation
  • hose clamps, replacement fuses included
  • Requires water pump, 200 liter cooling water container and 1/2" hoses that are not included


Please note carefully:

  • Water pump: The induction forge requires to be water-cooled to not be damaged in use. This can be done using a cooled tank system, like a TIG welder cooler or a cooling system with radiator, or a much bigger water body if not having a radiator/cooler on the system. Minimum 200 liters for light use on the 15 or 25KW systems.
  • The pump has to have minimum 7 liters per minute and the cooling water needs to stay under 40 C at all times. Even a cheap pumps will generally have more than this flow but pay attention to lift height. 
  • Cooling water: Hard water can damage the induction forge by calcifying the inside of the coil and other parts of the cooling system. The safest coolant is distilled water as this has had the minerals removed, including any calcium. In Sydney the water is considered quite soft and we use this in our induction forge but the safest bet is destilled water. Woolworths sell distilled water for about $1 per liter. Using a too small tank will make the induction forge stop until the water is cold enough again.
  • Note the need for destilled or very soft water to avoid calcium build-up inside the coil, and clean water or a sealed system where dust and other things cannot get into the water to contaminate it.
  • Keep the cooling water running at all times while the induction forge is powered on, and check the temperature of the coolant water regularly.
  • Electrician required: 15A power plug needs to be fitted to the already attached power lead, and 15A or larger capacity circuit is recommended. The induction forge should be grounded for operator safety.
  • The heating coil comes with insulation for transport, spray with some high-heat paint for longer-life when the insulation falls off after some use. The coils need a layer of insulating paint, exchaust putty or similar to stop the copper coil shorting on the steel held inside the coil, should they by accident touch.
  • Coils can be made from copper tubing, for custom jobs. For instance a more rectangular coil for wide bar stock, or a small diameter, longer coil for heating longer sections of smaller diameter rod, etc.
  • The main issue with these over time is the cooling water not being soft enough (not using destilled or really soft water), or having an open container where dust and other items can fall into the water tank. A closed cooling system with destilled water or really soft water will be required to ensure several years of operation.


Manufactured in China, these are an introduction-level induction forge with both coil, cooling and electronic controls in one box.

Weight of unit is about 24 kg, 50 x 45 x 20 cm plus coil that screws to the front and the water hoses that attach with hoseclamps to the back of the unit. There is one water intake and 3 x water out.

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1 Review

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    15kW Induction Forge

    Posted by Anthony on 22nd Apr 2022

    Once connected up and plumbed in it worked as expected. Heats up fast and easy to use. If there is one criticism I could have it would be that it came with two of the same coils and they were in the wrong orientation for me. They were vertical as opposed to horizontal. Fixable but for forging I would suspect it would be the norm to have them horizontal. Apart from that so far, so good.

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