Induction Forge 25kW

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  • Induction Forge 25kW
  • Induction Forge 25kW
  • Induction Forge 25kW
  • Induction Forge 25kW


High Frequency Induction Heater Furnace 25KW 

**PICKUP SYDNEY PRICE , Pre-order Price ** We can help with freight quote, this is pick up price. Pre-order, not in stock as of 09.03.2022**

Water-cooled induction forge that runs on 380V 3-phase power, heating steel in seconds to a max of 2200 C. The 25 kW model is large enough for making damascus as well as forging single blades and bars of steel and might be suitable for smaller hammers. Anything that safely can be placed inside the coil will heat up, it is more a matter of time and efficiency where a larger unit is more customisable when it comes to coil sizes. 

  • Easy to use induction forge with coil 
  • Runs on 3-phase power 380V 50Hz
  • 2 heating coils included, approx 40 x 60 mm
  • One foot pedal included for ease of operation
  • hose clamps, replacement fuses included
  • Requires 750 W water pump ($109 Ryobi at Bunnings as of Aug 2022), plastic water tub and 1/2" hoses that are not included


Please note carefully:

  • Water pump: The induction forge requires to be water-cooled to not be damaged in use. This can be done using a cooled tank system, like a TIG welder cooler or a cooling system with radiator, or a much bigger water body if not having a radiator/cooler on the system. Minimum 200 liters for light use on the 15 or 25KW systems.
  • RECOMMENDED PUMP is the 750 W Ryobi dirty/clean water pump from Bunnings - note a small pond pump has enough liters/minute but not enough power to run the induction heater. As on August 2022 this pump is $109.00
  • The pump has to have minimum 8 liters per minute and the cooling water needs to stay under 40 C at all times.
  • Cooling water: Hard water can damage the induction forge by calcifying the inside of the coil and other parts of the cooling system. The safest coolant is distilled water as this has had the minerals removed, including any calcium. In Sydney the water is considered quite soft and we use this in our induction forge but the safest bet is destilled water. Woolworths sell distilled water for about $1 per liter. Using a too small tank will make the induction forge stop until the water is cold enough again.
  • Note the need for destilled or very soft water to avoid calcium build-up inside the coil, and clean water or a sealed system where dust and other things cannot get into the water to contaminate it.
  • Keep the cooling water running at all times while the induction forge is powered on, and check the temperature of the coolant water regularly.
  • Electrician required: 3 phase power plug needs to be fitted to the already attached power lead, and 32A or larger capacity circuit is recommended. The induction forge should be earthed for additional safety.
  • The heating coil comes with insulation for transport, spray with some high-heat paint for longer-life when the insulation falls off after some use. The coils need a layer of insulating paint, exchaust putty or similar to stop the copper coil shorting on the steel if touched by accident. 
  • Coils can be made from copper tubing, you will probably make custom coils for different jobs. For instance making damascus bars might require a coil with a more rectangular and wider opening than the 40 mm round coils that come in the box.


Manufactured in China, these are an induction forge with both coil, cooling and electronic controls in one box. The "25A" model name means single box unit, not 25 amps.

Weight of unit is about 29 kg, 56 x 51 x 22 cm plus coil that screws to the front and the water hoses that attach with hoseclamps to the back of the unit. The unit has 1 x water in and 3 x water out.

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