Mammoth Tusk Handle Block

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  • Mammoth Tusk Handle Block
  • Mammoth Tusk Handle Block
  • Mammoth Tusk Handle Block
  • Mammoth Tusk Handle Block


Mammoth Tusk Block, Stabilised

One block of stabilised Mammoth tusk in resin, each will vary in colour and size but about are about 130 mm long x 40 mm wide x 25 mm thick.

Mammoths died out several thousand years ago and there are no restrictions on trade or use of Mammoth - as they are dead already.

These are authentic mammoth tusks that have been dug out from the arctic tundra at the north of Russia.

They are stabilised and dyed and are some of the most exclusive - and expensive - handle materials available.

Mammoth is difficult to work with, needing high care when drilling to not shatter the piece or get tear-outs. Many makers recommend a constant adding of CA (superglue) to the mammoth while working it.

These are a fragile, natural material and no warranty is taken whatsoever for splitting or cracking during use. These are only for experienced makers with diamond drill bits and experience in working delicate materials. They come securely packed and every care needs to be taken for working and storing these.

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