Mora Sloyd 60 Knife, Carbon Steel

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  • Mora Sloyd 60 Knife, Carbon Steel


Mora Sloyd Knife with 60 mm blade, the "Mora Kniv 120"

 Carbon Steel blade, polished to a near mirror finish with a sturdy handle in oiled birch and comes with a plastic sheath.

Blade is 60 mm long, 2.7 mm thick and total length is about 165 mm incl handle.

From the Swedish maker:

Mora woodcarving knives are really sharp. Because the most important thing when it comes to woodcarving is a sharp knife, there’s no avoiding that fact.

Instead of being a wonderful, creative experience, it can become both irritating and dangerous if the knife is blunt. A real sharp knife gets you on the right path quite simply. Our knives are well known for their quality and precision, appreciated by generations of craftspeople.

They’re even used by the skilled craftspeople in Nusnäs where they carve one of our most well known Swedish symbols, the Dala horse.


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