Renaissance Metal De-Corroder, 100ml

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  • Renaissance Metal De-Corroder, 100ml


Renaissance Metal De-Corroder, 100ml

From the same supplier as Renessaince Wax, this is a non-toxic metal de-corroder for gentle rust removal.

Used to gently remove surface corrosion from metals such as steel, brass, bronze and copper.

Gentle, non-toxic solution chemically breaks the bond between the corrosion and metal, allowing the resulting sludge to easily wipe off without damaging the base product.

Used to restore old knives and other metal artifacts where scrubbing or wirebrushing would ruin the original finish.

Will not damage the base metal even with prolonged exposure, the metal part can be left in the solution for days or weeks. After removal the part is protected for up to 14 days from new corrosion if not washed, leaving time to restore and applying Renaissance Wax as an oxygen barrier to protect the piece more long-term.

To use:

  • clean the object to be restored
  • remove any lose corrosion by gently scrubbing or wirebrushing if possible to do so  without damaging the piece
  • immerse the piece being restored
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