Baker Forge Inferno GoCore, 412 x 60.3 x 4.47 mm

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  • Baker Forge Inferno GoCore, 412 x 60.3 x 4.47 mm


Baker Forge & Tool Specialty Steel: Inferno GoCore (damascus & 80CrV2 core)

Introducing "Inferno"!

Crafted with our industry leading coppermascus cladding and accented by a vibrant nickel shim, this steel also showcases a striking 25-layer Damascus pattern forged onto 80crv2  to create a unique "GoCore". Not only does it boast exquisite aesthetics, but it also embodies exceptional durability, capable of tackling any task with ease.

Billet is 16.25 x 2.375 x 0.176" or approx 412 x 60.3 x 4.47 mm in size, weighting in at 924 grams. The billet is marked "6 - Inferno GoCore"

By Bakers Forge and Tools, Mountain City, Tennessee, USA

Coy Baker and his team are creating some truly stunning specialty steels, we are super excited to offer these in Australia:


- Coppermascus cladding/Nickel shim/ 25 Layer Damascus and 80crv2 core

- Flat Ground

- All bar edges are ground back to clean steel 

- Billets come fully annealed 

- These are for stock removal, not to be forged due to chance of delamination between layers.

-Heat treat like 80CrV2 (specific details below for this steel)

** This is an advanced, expensive steel with san mai construction. This is not a beginner-steel. There are no refunds for messing up the heat treatment and splitting them, or forging and delaminating the billets ***

Heat treating Baker Forge steel with 80CrV2 core:

  • Normalize at 1600F (871 C) , 1500F (815 C), and 1400F (760 C) letting cool to black between each cycle.

  • Heat to 1550 F (843 C)

  • Hold for approx 10 mins for "knife blade thickness"

  • Quench in warm quench oil (not Canola) 86 F-122F (30- 50 C)

  • Temper immediately for 2 hours, cool in water and temper for another 2 hours (We recommend 392 F, 200 C)

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