Picard Set Hammer, 2100 gr (4.6 lbs)

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  • Picard Set Hammer, 2100 gr (4.6 lbs)


Picard Set Hammer, 2100 gr (4.6 lbs)

Made in Germany by Picard, this is a blacksmithing set hammer or "Flattener" used to flatten work pieces in a more control fashion than with a single hammer.

The Set Hammer is struck with another hammer or sledge.

Handle is in ash, total length is 600 mm and face is 50 mm wide.

The Picard Set Hammer gives professionals a more versatile choice for their hand tool. It comes in either the hammer head only or the head with an ash handle. The hammer head weighs approximately 4.6 lbs. or 2,100 grams. In addition, the handle is 600 mm or 23” in length. It is the perfect tool for blacksmiths.


The hammer head comes in a 50 mm plain square face flat design. Built by Picard, a company known for creating top-notch hammers in Germany, this hand tool is made with a special alloyed steel that is carefully hardened and tempered. This ensures durability and long-lasting use.


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