Prestige Cleaver Blade, Stainless

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  • Prestige Cleaver Blade, Stainless


Prestige Cleaver Blade, Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cleaver blade, sharp and ready for handle. The edge is convex, the blade finish is satin and the handle is extra long on this model, called the "prestige cleaver".

Total length including tang is 290 mm, height 80 mm and thickness at spine is 2.80 mm.

The extra long handle has holes fitting 1/8" handle pins (3.2 mm) , the two smaller holes are 3.8 mm and the middle hole is 5.8 mm.

This is a fulltang blade, requiring a set of handle scales that are EXTRA LONG 140 mm - not our imported European 120 mm long scales.


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