Baker Forge CopperMai STAINLESS AEB-L Core, 387 x 63.5 x 4.37 mm

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  • Baker Forge CopperMai STAINLESS AEB-L Core, 387 x 63.5 x 4.37 mm


Baker Forge & Tool Specialty Steel: CopperMai Stainless Core AEB-L

"Beauty of Carbon, Performance of Stainless"

This billet layout uses our triple alloy Coppermascus cladding over a stainless AEB-L core. The high contrasting colors really make a super unique look! These cores can be etched black or left bright! 

Billet is 15.25 x 2.5 x 0.172" or approx 387 x 63.5 x 4.37 mm in size, weighting in at 894 grams. The billet is marked "4 - CopperMai Stainless Core AEBL"

By Bakers Forge and Tools, Mountain City, Tennessee, USA

Coy Baker and his team are creating some truly stunning specialty steels, we are super excited to offer these in Australia:


- Coppermascus cladding (1084/Copper/15n20) with AEBL core (Be sure to check our Heat Treating page for details on how to HT this material) 

- Flat Ground

- All bar edges are ground back to clean steel 

- Billets come fully annealed 

- These are for stock removal, not to be forged due to chance of delamination between layers.

-Heat treat instructions below

** This is an advanced, expensive steel with san mai construction. This is not a beginner-steel. There are no refunds for messing up the heat treatment and splitting them, or forging and delaminating the billets ***

Special heat treat instructions from Baker Forge: READ IN FULL

AEBL Stainless Cores:

  1. Place blade in stainless foil with double folded edges
  2. Pre heat oven to 1950 F (1066 C) and let the oven equalize at temp for 20-30 minutes
  3. Load blade(s) into kiln and wait for oven to rebound to 1950F (1066 C) then 15 minute soak.
  4. Quench between two aluminum plates and use compressed air to cool down the blade. *critical step* 

Snap Temper:

Immediately snap temper the steel at 300F (149 C) for 30-60 minute to relieve stress. (This step is critical to ensure the cladding and core do not tear themselves apart due to stress and different movement rates during the quench)


Following the snap temper go into dry ice or liquid nitrogen for 1 hour, this step reduces Retained Austenite and gives full hardness for the core. (A freezer treatment will not be effective because of the snap temper)

Full Tempering:

After cold treatment complete two temper cycles. First temper cycle at 300F (149 C) for 2 hours then second temper at 350F (177 C) for two hours will yield 62Rc, adjust final temper to achieve desired hardness desired.

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