CPM S35VN Stainless Powder Steel 3.8 x48 x 460 mm

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  • CPM  S35VN Stainless Powder Steel 3.8 x48 x 460 mm
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Crucible CPM S35VN Stainless Steel, 3.8 x48 x 460 mm, mill finish

Powder-technology "super steel" from US maker Crucible Industries, mill finish means the normal steel finish and not precision ground/milled.

Measurements are about 3.8 x 48 x 460 mm.

This "super stainless" has extreme edge retention. Will work and grind like D2 and give the hardness and toughness of CPM S30V. A cryo treatment may be added between tempers. Aim hardness is 58/61. CPM S35VN is a registered trademark of Crucible Industries LLC.
Typical chemistry C 1.40, Mn .40, Si .40, CR 14.00, Va 3.00, Mo 2.00, NB .50.

For more details and heat treatment, check out knifesteelnerd here: 

Heat treating S35VN can be done at different levels of complexity. The below is the "ultimate" version from

  • hold at 2025 F for 15 mins (1107 C)
  • plate quench
  • liquid nitrogen/cryo treatment for 30+ mins
  • temper between 300 - 400 F for 2 hours x 2 (149 C - 204 C)
  • (adjust temp for hardness, aim for 60 HRC as a starting point)


A simpler heat treatment recipe that is proven to work but provide a slightly lower HRC:

  • hold at 1950 F for 15 mins (1065 C)
  • quench in oil
  • temper at 400 F (204 C) for 2 hours x 2 for 57-58 HRC



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