Edge Beveler No-3 (3 mm)

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  • Edge Beveler No-3 (3 mm)


Edge Beveler Number 3

Good quality, sharp leather work tool for removing the sharp corners on leather before sowing knife sheaths and other leather projects.

For rounding edges on leather. Bevel width approx 3 mm

This tool bevels and rounds off edges of leather. Available in five sizes. The larger the number, the wider the bevel.

*Difference between "Keen Edge Beveler" and "Edge Beveler": The "Keen" edge bevelers are rounded underneath, giving a more even rounded edge of the leather. This one is easier to hold at any angle so you control more how much it takes off, at the expense of not being as easy to make consistent bevels with as the "Keen Edge Bevelers". Also note this size is bigger than the "Keen" series where this number 2 takes off more than the "Keen" number 3.

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