Family Workshop Class for 2 (adult & child)

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  • Family Workshop Class for 2 (adult & child)
  • Family Workshop Class for 2 (adult & child)
  • Family Workshop Class for 2 (adult & child)
  • Family Workshop Class for 2 (adult & child)


3 hour Family Blacksmithing Class for 2 people (Adult & Child)

Ticket price is for 2 people working together as a team: One adult over 18 years and one child 10-18 years old. 

A fun afternoon class where you get to make something by hand, helping each other hammer red hot steel, and bring home what you made.

The family workshop is a great way to put those screens away for a few hours and experience how it was to be a blacksmith in the olden day - but with a few more modern tools. You will heat up steel in a forge and hammer it into your own project, helping each other to hammer, twist and hold the steel.

Your instructor will show each step as you go along, and help whenever needed.

The workshop cost includes 2 tickets meaning one adult over 18 years of age, and one child 10-18 years of age.

The two of you will pair up on one anvil and help each other complete your project - you each take home a forged item at the end of the day.

For your forged project you can choose between

  • a  BBQ fork to bring camping
  • a marshmellow roasting fork
  • a fire poker
  • a back scratcher

Each of those projects consists of forging a long, thin piece of steel to your choice of "front end" and then twisting or hammering the handle to your liking.

The workshop is 3 hours, from 1 - 4 PM at Nordic Edge in Brookvale, NSW 2099.

You will experience shaping steel with hammer and fire, as well as learn a bit about the forge, anvil, tools and techniques used in blacksmithing.



  • Blacksmithing overview: Tools, processes, safety briefing
  • All materials required (steel, hammers, tongs, anvil, gas forge, PPE)
  • Forging your own project with hammer and anvil
  • All instructions and support required
  • 2 hours will be spent forging with 30 mins for safety/process at the beginning, and a 30 min beer/soda break at the end where we put some marshmellows on the things you made and roast marshmellows on the forge.


**This is a small workshop of max 6 students (3 pairs of adult/child). To reschedule your spot to a different date and not forfeit your ticket, requires 48 hours notice before the workshop is scheduled to start **

Suitable For:

  • Adult: Needs to be over 18 years of age and taking responsibility for the child being able to follow safety instructions.
  • Child: Anyone over 10 years old with an ability to follow guidance from the instructor and adult.
  • Anyone able to lift a 1 kg hammer over the head and hammer "for a while" (we will help if you get tired)
  • Anyone able to follow basic safety instructions as provided by your instructor who is with you every step of the way.

We recommend wearing full-length pants and closed-toe shoes on the day. We will provide leather blacksmith aprons and suitable eye and ear protection. Expect to get hit by some sparks, (long sleeves and pants is the way to go.)

The workshop will be held in the back yard of our location in Brookvale, Northern Beaches Sydney. This is an industrial setting outside, under roof with basic facilities. 

**The small text: We may need to assist on some of the steps to get it all done in one day. But we will aim to let you do as much as possible of this yourself. If you get tired of the hammering and we have to assist, we may have to help you with some decisions on how to complete your project, in order to finish on time **

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