Kydex for sheaths, Mossy Oak "Aqua Hot Pink" 2 mm

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  • Kydex for sheaths, Mossy Oak "Aqua Hot Pink" 2 mm


Mossy Oak Collection series "Aqua Hot Pink" Kydex sheeth 2 mm thick, 29.5 x 30 cmm

Mossy Oak Black with pink infused "country roots camo" front, hot pink back

KYDEX® Sheet - Mossy Oak® Collection
Country Roots Camo - Aqua - Hot Pink
(.080) - Digitally Infused Graphic

From the US Supplier:

Elements Aqua camo pattern is applied with our new and improved digital infusion process. Our improved process allows the graphic to be thermally-bonded the top layer of the KYDEX® thermoform sheet, yet maintains the original sheet's texture and size better than any other infusion product. By maintaining the most original sheet texture, our process allows the graphic to display a 3D dimensional depth like never before. This is the best infusion print on the market, period!

The base sheet is .080 gauge, cell/smooth finish Hot Pink KYDEX®.

Material = KYDEX®
Gauge = .080 (2 mm)
Pattern = Mossy Oak® Elements Aqua Camo
Color = Hot Pink
Texture = Cell/Smooth
Graphic Process - Digital Infused


The industry standard for hot molded sheath making, black kydex in 2 mm.

This is a good thickness for knife sheaths, thick enough to be rigid but thin enough to show some detail.

The sheeth is approx 29 x 30 cm in size, made in the USA.

Heat the kydex with a heat gun or in a toaster oven until soft and press in kydex press around the knife.

Then drill holes and fasten with 1/4" kydex rivets before sawing or grinding to final shape. Sand edge smooth.


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