Fiebing's Tan Kote, 4oz

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  • Fiebing's Tan Kote, 4oz


Fiebing's Tan Kote, 4oz

Tan Kote is a natural coloured, resin based top-coat for "working leather" that will be maintained over time.

Traditionally used by belt makers and saddle makers to protect the leather. When using the leather product the tan kote will wear off over time, allowing the leather to be re-oiled and coated with tan kote again. This means you do not need to remove any tan kote left on the leather, the oil will penerate through for easy maintance.

Can be applied with a sponge, rag, brush or even sprayed on. Gives a mellow shine and adds a little depth to carved lines. Water based, wash sponge or brush out with water.

How to apply:

  • the carved and dyed leather has resist applied if wanting antique finish only on the cuts/creases
  • antique finish is applied, dries, buffed mostly off again
  • tan cote is applied and rubbed into all cuts, creases, edges
  • the excess is wiped off and the leather is left to dry overnight or dried with a hair drier on low heat
  • buffed again for a mellow satin finish when dry with a clean cloth or sheepskin piece

 Tan Kote is not as shiny and sealing as resolene, and possibly a better choice for carved pieces while carnauba wax is for more smooth leather. Nothing stopping you for using first carnauba creme and then tan kote, of course.

The advantage of Tan Kote is that it is not a water barrier, leaving you to oil the piece again. The drawback is that is not much of a moisture barrier.

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