Nordic Knife Design Korpi 85 Knife, 14C28N, Curly Birch

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  • Nordic Knife Design Korpi 85 Knife, 14C28N, Curly Birch


Nordic Knife Design Korpi 85 Knife With Curly Birch Scales

NKD is the knife brand of Dennis Holmbacka from Finland, mixing old Finnish knife traditions with new advancements in steel and design. The result is a unique combination of quality blades made in proven steels, often mixing traditional blade shapes and grinds with modern tang construction, carry options and weight distribution. 

 The Korpi 85 is the newest version of the Korpi with a wider belly and more pointed tip than the Korpi 90.

This fulltang knife blade has the profile of the original Tommi puukko, with handle scales in Curly Birch and with brass corby bolts. The knife comes with a leather sheath in traditional Nordic style.
The Tommi knife is one the most well know Finnish puukko models, developed in the area of Kainuu in the east of Finland around 1860.

Sandvik 14C28N® is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications. The chemical composition provides a unique combination of properties including:

  • Excellent edge performance

  • Very high hardness

  • Good corrosion resistance

Sandvik 14C28N® is mainly recommended for knife applications which put very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance.

Grind: Scandi Grind angle total: 23

Steel: Stainless Sandvik 14C28N HRC: 58-59

Steel composition: C 0.62 Cr 14 Mn 0.60 Si 0.2 N 0.11

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