Stainless San Mai Damascus, LADDER Pattern, PRE-HARDENED 58 HRC

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  • Stainless San Mai Damascus, LADDER Pattern, PRE-HARDENED 58 HRC
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Stainless Steel San Mai Damascus Billet, Hardened and Tempered,


"San mai" means the billet consists of a layered set of steels, not unlike a sandwich.

The core of the billet is 10Cr15CoMoV, a clone of the Japanese VG10 steel. This will etch black after grinding.

Then on each side of the core steel, there is mild steel damascus forge welded to the core steel for a great looking result of 67 layer damascus.

We have been selling these for 5+ years at Nordic Edge now and made quite a few knives from these ourselves - they are good!

Note these are PRE-HARDENED to approx 58 HRC and will be very difficult to work with hand tools.

These billets are stainless steel and make a great blade.

These are not to be heat treated, only to be used for stock removal. Take care to keep dunking in water while grinding to not ruining the temper.

See sizes available under Options.

After grinding and sanding, these can be etched in either ferric chloride or hydrochloric acid. Some bars are "very stainless" and you need the hydrochloric acid and longer time before you get a proper pattern, while others etch well in Ferric chloride alone.


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