About Nordic Edge

The story behind Nordic Edge

I have always loved tinkering, having a play and making something that is my own. To make something creative yet practical that I can be proud to have thought up, and been able to put together.

I enjoy seeing my son play with a wooden sword I made him, and I love the spark of "creator's joy" I get when using a chef knife I have made myself. That spark is what Creative Man is about, I guess. Sharing with others the ability to make something as primal as a knife.  Man's first tool and in a world of specalized roles and mass-production, a unique piece that you made yourself. By hand. 

Knife making from kits using completed blades is common in Norway, where I grew up. There are local competitions, and it is amazing what is being displayed when art meets function. In Australia we have lots of talented artisans, and this site is about growing knife making as a hobby - or craft - by connecting people with the parts required to make their own unique piece.

Most of us today no longer need a knife as a daily tool, yet many of us enjoy crafting them. Ranging from people wanting to forge their own blades to those wanting to put their personal touch on existing pieces. We have in common that wish to make something of our own.

So in 2015 Creative Man was started, and it has proven to be even more fun than expected!  Trying to bring knife making a little more into mainsteam Australia is proving to be a very satisfying experience, getting pictures back of finished pieces and seeing what others make.

After over 5 years the little hobby company that was creative man had grown to a point where we now hold creative workshops, provide tools to not only knife makers but also spoon carvers, woodworkers, blacksmiths and leather workers. We have our own anvil design and keep trying to make our own range of knife maker tools better. So we decided to rename our company to Nordic Edge, a name that links a bit more to our Scandinavian heritage.

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Or just check in at our facebook page, CreativeManANZ

 "Creativity is intelligence having fun" , Einstein is quoted as having said. I like that. We have evolved into the thinking, creative man. And wanting to have a tinker, creating something that is unique and truly yours, is a healthy sign of an intelligent, creative mind.

Have fun, and have a look around in case your next creative project is here.