New member of the family: the V5-Short

New member of the family: the V5-Short

This week we got the newest member of the family ready; the v5-SHORT!

The "shorty" is the smaller version of the v5, with shorter bolts to make it a bit more handy.

The v5 is good, and the longer bolts is a requirement if doing thick guards - or like Toby Murrill trying to do 10 (!) blades at the same time. But for normal everyday use the shorter bolts is a bit more convenient.

The shorty takes 59 mm wide blades and up to 18 mm thick blades or guards, while the v5 takes 70 mm wide blades and 40 mm thick guards.

Here is a photo of all three models:

  1. Carbide Faced File Guide, V5-Short
  2. Carbide Faced File Guide, v5
  3. Carbide Faced File Guide, BigMert

20th Oct 2021 Bjorn J

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