New Podcast: Talking Shed

New Podcast: Talking Shed

New Australian Podcast: Talking Shed with Riley and Darren

The guys had some much fun hosting the Australian Knife Making Awards this year, they ended up starting a podcast series together! 

Talking Shed is a new podcast series summed up as:

"A podcast by makers, for makers and about makers. Now it must be said that we do like to make fun of ourselves (and others) a lot so be prepared to have a laugh along the way."

There are several options for listening, here is one of them if you are on Spotify: LINK

Riley and Darren are both makers with a passion for not only making but also sharing their journey and lessons with others. Being well-known in various maker groups in Australia, the guys dabble in a lot of crafts between them; woodworking, knife making, beer making, homesteading, blacksmithing - I bet there are more to come!

Podbean is another popular podcast platform, if that is your preference check out the link here: LINK

There are lots of really good Australian podcasts and we are happy to see another one out there, with people we know and love.

Save money by listening:

The guys at Talking Shed have a discount code that gives 10% off from Nordic Edge until the end of November so if giving them a listen and write it down , you might even save some money!

19th Nov 2021 Bjorn J

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