NOW LIVE: 2021 Destruction Test Challenge: 18th of Sept - 9th of October 2021

NOW LIVE: 2021 Destruction Test Challenge: 18th of Sept - 9th of October 2021

The 2021 Nordic Edge destruction challenge is now live!

The Destruction Challenge is where you film yourself doing the destruction challenges with a knife you made in 2021, and enter the contest for bragging rights and to compete for a couple of prizes. The challenge is open to anyone, anywhere in the world - see details below for requirements to enter.

The live stream on Facebook happened Saturday 18th of September AEST, hosted by Jamie "Sausage Man" Bishop and with guests Michael Cthulhu of youtube fame (have you ever seen anyone make so big swords?!) and Jerarmie Heywood from Oblivion Blades who makes not only very nice knives in a more practical size but also san mai steel billets that we are lucky enough to have at Nordic Edge.The video is on youtube if wanting to catch up on the launch stream:

Summary slides from the presentation:

Timeline of the Destruction Test Challenge:

  • Started Saturday 18th of September 2021
  • Ends Saturday 9th of October 2021
  • Judging done by Friday 15th October
  • Winner Announcement in Live Stream Saturday 16th of October

Knife Requirements:

  • You must have made the knife in 2021- if not heat treated it.
  • Blade length 300 mm or larger (not super strict but we are looking for big blades)
  • Blade spine 6 mm or so (again not very strict)
  • Any blade design, handle design, a lanyard might be a good idea to hold on to it

Destruction Tests:

The slide below has the details, copper bar chop in 1/8" (3.2mm) or thicker copper from shoulder height. Place the edge on a thick piece of brass and baton it in with a piece of wood. Chop hard into a solid piece of wood, do a water bottle slice...then maybe add some creative bonus point tests... before ending with a sharpness test, either slicing paper or a hanging rope cut.

Have some fun, make up some fun chopping tests. As Michael said - if using gasolene in your tests for added points, have a "hose man" standing ready, follow local regulations and don't wear a cup only (Yes, Lachlan we mean it) even if Jamie said this might give extra credit.

Video Requirements:

Film yourself or get someone to help, making a 1 min video clip or so.

1 min might mean 1 min 20 seconds, it does not mean 2 mins or more.


  • WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES and practice safe chopping. 
  • Show your knife for 5+ seconds and clearly show the edge after all the tests while running your finger down it, caling out any defects. 
  • Upload your video to youtube, we need a youtube link to add to the judging form so everyone can see your clip. Do not send us a clip to facebook or tiktok, sadly this means no one will be able to judge your clip.
  • have fun with it, make a single quick clip or google software to stitch smaller clips into a video to remove dead time in your clip. Don't stress, just have some fun, filming outside in good light.

Do not: spend minutes going on about your knife. Do not send us a link to a file we cannot link to, so please create a free youtube channel and upload it there if you want to take part.

How to Enter:

Join the Nordic Edge newsletter, the Entry link will be sent out on email (as well as posted on the Nordic Edge Facebook Page and the Australian Beginner Knifemaking Group)

You have until Saturday 9th of October to enter with name, details of the knife, and a link to YOUTUBE VIDEO only.

One entry per person, there is no cost to enter.


  • Judging Form will come out on the weekly newsletter (just as the Entry form)
  • Judging is open to anyone, anywhere so feel free to forward the form on for your friends to vote for you
  • Judging ends Friday 15th of October (or at least that is when the highest scoring 3 videos are called, the form might be left open)
  • You will be judged on your knife, your chopping tests, bonus points for any creative tests or other fun elements in your video as well as if able to complete the task IN A SAFE MANNER.


  • 1st Price is a steel billet from Oblivion Blades
  • 2nd Price is a Blacksmiths Apron in Buffalo Leather from Nordic Edge
  • 3rd Price is $100 at Nordic Edge web store

a Massive THANK YOU to Jezz from Oblivion Blades who sponsored the 1st prize!

If not on the newsletter list already, jump on to get the Entry form when it comes out this week starting September 20th 2021!

Cannot wait to see the videos of the chopping tests!

Jamie and the team at Nordic Edge

21st Sep 2021 Bjorn J

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