How To Build a Brisa Knife Kit (Elver, Trapper, Nessmuk, Chef)

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  • How To Build a Brisa Knife Kit (Elver, Trapper, Nessmuk, Chef)


Instructions for Brisa knife kits:

Tools Required:

  • Epoxy glue, for instance Max Strength Araldite (2 component epoxy)
  • Acetone and kitchen paper
  • Flat head screw driver
  • File and sand paper
  • Optional: Oil or wax to seal the handle (if wood)

Step 1: Dry fit the handle scales and corby bolts to make sure everything fits together. If the red spacers are not attached to the handle scales, epoxy these on and when dry, drill or cut holes for bolts and cut to size of handle scales.

Step 2: Epoxy handle scales to blade. Use some epoxy on the thread of the bolts and screw these in at the same time. Wipe away any epoxy spills with acetone on some kitchen paper before it sets.

Step 3: File the corby bolts down so they are flush with the handle scales. Try not to scratch the scales.

Step 4: Starting with coarse sand paper, sand the scales and bolts smooth. Sand to as high grit as possible, this is where the handle material really starts to come to live.

Optional steps:

Step 5: Optional, if you have a polishing wheel you may want to get an even higher finish on the handle.

Step 6: Optional, seal the handle against moisture using woodworking oil, wax or similar.

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