Hot Cut Tool for Anvil, 1" shank

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  • Hot Cut Tool for Anvil, 1" shank


Hot cut tool with 1" shank

Anvil tool for blacksmithing. About 1" shank, cast steel tool.

The hot cut is used to cut steel to length or width, as well as creating slits in hot steel.

about 55 x 40 x 150 mm in size.

The hot steel is held down onto the hot cut and a hammer hits from above - stopping before the hammer goes through and hits the hot cut.

A set of tongs in each hand is then used to wiggle the cut piece back and forth until it breaks.

These are cast steel and may need some filing or grinding to sit flat and true within a 1" cast anvil hardy hole, neither hardy holes or hardy tools at 1" is exactly 1 x 1" in cross section.

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