ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG

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  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • OPTIONAL: showing optional flat and drawing dies, these are not included.
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • ST Power Hammer STH-25, 25 KG
  • OPTIONAL: showing optional flat and drawing dies, these are not included.


ST Power Hammer 25 KG, STH-25

** Note this product does not have free freight **

Anyang ST Power Hammer for forging with 25 kg ram weight for blacksmithing.

Strong cast iron frame, hardened dies in 5CrMnMo for excellent wear resistance.

 240 V with VFD:

Runs off a dedicated 240 V standard single phase power outlet using the supplied VFD, the 25 KG model has a heavier ram and a slower hitting frequency than the STH-15 for more power. The 25 kg is capable of medium weight forging work such as axes and hammers within the max material dimensions of 40 x 40 mm square or 45 mm round bar.


Ram weight: 25 kg

Hitting frequency: 250 hits/min

Capacity: Square 40 x 40 mm, Round 45 mm diameter steel

Distance between dies: 240 mm

Throat Depth: 235 mm

Motor: 3 KW (4 hp) 

Weight: 1070 kg incl base

Packing Size: 1660 x 780 x 2080 mm, packed weight 1180 kg in crate.

Foundation: No custom foundation is required, it can be placed on existing ground floor concrete or dirt floor. If wanting additional foundation this can be built using railway sleepers, or casting a higher concrete foundation.

Electric requirements: 240 V single phase 15A or higher rated circuit.


These are the new Advanced series power hammers from ST with heavier cast frames and upgraded bushings for less vibration and longer working life.

Each ST Power Hammer is inspected, tested and run in Australia before being shipped out.

  • Wiring replaced for Australian compliance
  • VDF mounted to motor guard in enclosure
  • On/off button + Emergency off switch mounted
  • Greased, oiled and test run for 4 hours (HALF of the required run-in time before any heavy forging should be done)


Freight: will be invoiced separately and is not included in the displayed price

The power hammer can be picked up from Brookvale, NSW 2100 or Nordic Edge can assist with freight quote, oncharging actual cost of freight.  Nordic Edge is the ST Power Hammer dealer for south-eastern Australia only at this point, contact us for options in other states.

Quality control and running in:

Each power hammer is going through the quality assurance and running-in process in Australia before being sent out to the customer.

This ensures a faster, simpler setup at customer site and the assurance that the power hammer will work straight out of the box.

  • inspected by certified NSW electrician
  • greased, oiled and inspected by experienced power hammer operator in Sydney
  • Run-in period of at least 4 hours in Sydney to ensure everything is working as expected, including forging and idle run
  • Re-packaged into wooden crate, ready for transport to customer site
  • Wiring replaced to company with Australian standards
  • VFD mounted in box on motor cover in a "no touch" config, no need to adjust or touch VFD
  • On/Off switch and Emergency Off on side of machine


  • Documentation for electric circuit and any foundation requirements over email and phone
  • Phone consultation on freight options, install requirements, any foundation or electrical work required at customer's cost
  • Phone and video call support as required to install, initial start-up checks and first forging
  • Phone and video call support as required in the 24 month warranty period for faults
  • Ongoing phone and video support at additional cost after warranty period if required
  • In NSW and VIC we can provide support and basic operator instructions at additional cost, at your location

Important: Read and follow the advice in this article for running in period, maintenance and operation: LINK

Payment options:

  1. Pay power hammer in full online with additional freight invoice before shipping.
  2. Pay 20% deposit, pay reminder on invoice with final freight cost all in one.
  3. Price is for pickup from Brookvale, NSW 2100. We can arrange freight at your cost.
  4. Freight cost will vary based on post code and if you have forklift available to unload the truck. 

About ST Power Hammers:

Many power hammers in China are based on the classic Russian STANKO model, having been developed in the Soviet Union and then advanced over many years by several different companies as technology upgrades in materials and processing machinery evolved.

The ST Power hammers are made by a Chinese brand “ST Anyang Power Hammers”, originally started by former employees from a larger power hammer manufacturer callled "“Anyang FP” also based in Anyang, China. After a difficult start arguing with Anyang FP about copying their copy of the STANKO, the ST Power hammers now marketed are the Advanced series developed by ST and not the standard “Economy” model initially made.

Being a smaller manufacturer the ST Power Hammer company has been able to rapidly upgrade their model range, and today offer a series of advantages over the old model:

  • Heavier cast frames by 8-10% for increased strength and reduced vibration
  • Single-piece cast piston for longer life and less wear
  • Steel bushing rather than copper on connecting rod for improved working life
  • More robust oiler for consistent lubrication with less need for adjustments

Nordic Edge is the ST Power Hammer dealer for NSW and VIC, having serviced the knifemaking and blacksmithing industry in Australia since 2015 and having built a solid reputation for high customer satisfaction. Nordic Edge is based in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, supplying anvils, tongs, steel, hammers and other related products for knife makers, blacksmiths and other metal workers. 


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