3M Cubitron II Abrasive Belts 767F

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  • 3M Cubitron II Abrasive Belts 767F


3M Cubitron II Abrasive Belts 767F

Cubitron II is an advanced belt technology that outlasts simple ceramic belts. 

Cubitron is the engineered next-generation abrasive mineral, manufactured grains of ceramic/aluminum oxide blend are precisely-shaped, uniformly-sized and vertically oriented.

As opposed to a standard ceramic belt where at any point there will be some sharp, some dulled - and after a while - some abrasive grains missing or worn down, Cubitron mineral abrasive belts wear down on collections of tiny particles for a longer lasting, more even grinding pattern.

This is the 767F - the model we recommend for knife making = hand grinding - due to less abrasive concentration than the more expensive 984F that requires much more pressure to get full belt life.

The lower abrasive consentration means hand grinding (as opposed to a machine applying higher pressure grinding) is enough force to get max value from the belts.

The reason these 3M belts are taking over for ceramic belts are:

  • longer lasting by using "pyramics" of small mineral particles rather than larger, single ceramic particles
  • more even finish by slowly wearing down pyramics of even grain size as opposed to uneven ceramic particles being resharpened or dulled, eventually  ripped off the belt as the belt wears down

The price is for a single 3M Cubitron II belt 767F, bulk discounts apply from 5+ belts across size/grits:

Belt    Size      Grit         Single Belt     Bulk 5+ belts       
767F 2x48" 36 $14.00 $10.00
    60 $14.00 $10.00
    120 $14.00 $10.00
  2x72" 36 $16.00 $12.00
    60 $16.00 $12.00
    120 $16.00 $12.00



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3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives. These premium abrasives belts, discs and wheels are powered by 3M Precision-Shaped Grain — the result of decades of technological advances in ceramic abrasive and microreplication technologies. As the triangular shaped grain wears, it continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges that slice through metal, wear evenly and provide super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure.

The bottom line: 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives cut faster, last longer, and help lower your production costs.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    cubitron ll abrasive belts

    Posted by k.wooster on 10th May 2024

    they do exactly what they advertise

  • 5
    3M Cubitron II belts

    Posted by Brenton Cumberpatch on 25th Nov 2023

    Wowsers. I'd been told these were great belts and I had to get some, so I grabbed a couple of #60 & #120 and so far I'm impressed. They made quick work of the post heat treated 1084 blades I was finishing and feel really good to use. Time will tell about their longevity but so far it's all looking good. Definitely chuck a couple in your basket and give them a whirl.

  • 5
    3M abrasive belts 767F

    Posted by George Kochel on 21st Aug 2023

    I find these belts excellent for my needs. The belts seem to last longer and provide an excellent finish. I recommend these belts.

  • 5
    Cubitron Belts

    Posted by Mal Garner on 11th Aug 2023

    Best belts I've used, they work hard and last and last!!!??

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